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Online Marketing

Online marketing is what gets your website out on the internet and found by searchers. It’s the same as when you start up a new business, you use different marketing strategies to get your business out there and found by potential customers. For example, advertising in the local paper, radio adverts, flyer, mailbox drop off, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation


Is your website getting little traffic or not receiving any new enquiries or customers? Is your website search engine friendly? We have some great seo packages suitable for all business types and sizes. Just like any business, a website needs to have marketing strategies to generate new customers.





What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Search engine optimisation is the main core online marketing strategy. This involves a high amount of continuous work, research and optimisation of the right keywords, content and coding on your website. By having your website optimised correctly as well as other online marketing strategies, Google can rank your website accordingly.

How does this work?

A high level of research needs to be done on your business industry, competitors, potential customers and keywords, which is then put into spreadsheets and analysed. Keywords are then formed into a seed list and prioritised for your website.


The above process needs to be completed on a monthly basis, so we know we are still using the correct keywords and potential customers are still using the same keywords in their searches. If needed new keywords will be embedded and optimised in your website.

Why do I need it?

Some website may not need search engine optimisation or any online marketing as they are there just as a website presence and business owners don’t wish to generate anymore customers through it. However if you do wish to generate new customers through your website, online marketing is a necessity otherwise your website will be lost amongst the millions of other websites on the internet.

Why doesn’t this come with a website?

Optimising a website with search engine requirements is very time consuming and an ongoing process. Our packages are put together on an hourly rate of how long it takes to optimise a website.

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