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I was very excited and pleased to see XtraLength at the top of the google pages when typing in search words for my business.  I am not advertising on Google but because of the work Jess has put into my website and is very clever at putting the correct words into the correct pages and somehow into the background it keeps my name at the top or nearly at the top of the search engine pages.

My website is the backbone of my business and without it I would not be making any money.  I actually do not advertise anywhere else at the moment.  The work still keeps coming in.  It is because I have a great website and Jess has put all the work into making it look and even more importantly work extremely well.

Jess takes the stress out of having a website.  She is very clever at what she does and this allows me to focus on the side of my business that I know about.

Having a shopping cart is such a lot of work on a website and thankfully it works wonderfully. Jess has shown me how to add pictures and make changes on the shopping cart when I run out of stock or have something new come in.  This saves me a lot of time and expensive in having to get Jess to make the changes all the time.  Jess is very patient and shows me how to make any changes needed and it is great knowing she is there to fix anything if I mess it up.

Sue Robertson | Owner of Suesi Jeans –

I have been delighted with WA Website Solutions. Jess’s excellence in design, promptness and communication have been impeccable. Huge thanks Jess. I love my site.

Liz | Secret Harbour Pilates –