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Websites Need Marketing

As you are aware with any new business venture it needs to have a marketing plan and strategies in place, otherwise how would potential customers find you? – Your business would go nowhere.

This is the same principle with your new website. Yes you have just built a fantastic, great looking websites that your customers are going to love, but how are they going to find the website?

This is where search engine optimisation and online marketing comes into place. Your website needs to be optimised to suit not only the search engine requirements but your searchers as well. Yes it can be expensive, but can you afford to miss out on all those potential leads and customers?

There are other options to take if your budget doesn’t allow you to hire an seo company.

  1. Ring around seo companies to receive their very basic seo package quote – it’s a start and better than nothing!
  2. Research and learn how to do it yourself
  3. Join online communities for support
  4. Attend workshops and training sessions
  5. Market your website through all your print materials and offline marketing plan

There are many ways to go about online marketing, you just have to find what is best for you and your business!